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Cuanta Costa is a cloud based all-in-one solution for vacation rental managers and real estate agents.

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Cuanta Costa connects with all major booking platforms through its Channel Manager.

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We have countless features to make your life as a holiday home manager easy. Discover them here.

Automated communication

Casa costa sends out automated communication to your guests, so you don't have to.

Financial forecasting

Automatic payment reminders and invoice generation. Cuanta Costa keeps track of your finances.

Fully customisable

From the website to the payment reminders, everything is fully customisable to fit your agency.

Easy setup

Our import tool makes it easy to get started with Cuanta Costa.

International tenants

Casa Costa is available in multiple languages and supports multiple currencies.

Transparant communication

Streamline communication with Cuanta Costa’s transparent online system that keeps all parties informed through online tenant and owner portal access.

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